Traveler’s Guide: Mastering Moroccan Numbers for Bargaining

From We7ed to Hashraa

Morocco is a big country and is divided into different regions, which then also have different customs and languages. But one thing that connects the whole country, no matter where you come from is counting from 1 to 100. If you’re visiting as a tourist and need to negotiate, numbers are very important. If you don’t know the numbers, it is very likely that you will be ripped off.

You might be asking yourself; ‘What is the difference between Moroccan and Arabic?’’, ‘’Is it not the same language?’’. If you’ve ever been in Europe or visited the Northern area you will notice that some languages are very similar to one another. Dutch for example sounds very close to German BUT if you cannot speak the other party’s language you will not understand nor communicate very well. Example: Wie gehts? This is German for ‘’How are you?’’, while in Dutch you would say ‘’Hoe gaat het met jou?’’. Does that sound similar to you while reading it out loud?

Well, this is how you could compare the Arabic language to Moroccan. They might have similarities but understanding each other fully would be hard. Let’s count!

1 We7ed
2 Djoez
3 Keleta
4 Rabi3a
5 Gamsa
6 Esta
7 Sebha
8 Tmenja
9 Tshoed
10 Hashraa

If you’re wondering what the number ‘7’ stands for in the first number, you would have to know a little bit about the Arabic alphabet. The number seven comes very close to one of the letters in the Arabic alphabet, which at the same time refers to the way you should pronounce the number. Can you guess which letter we are talking about?

أ Aleph
ب Baa
ت Taa
ث Thaa
ج Jee
ح Haa
خ Khaa
د Daal
ذ Thaal
ر Raa
ز Zaa
س Seen
ش Sheen
ص Saad
ض Daad
ط Taa
ظ Thaa
ع Ayn
غ Ghayn
ف Faa
ق Qaaf
ك Kaaf
ل Laam
م Meem
ن Noon
ه Haw
و Waw
ي Jaw

The right answer is …

The letter ”ح” and you pronounce this  letter as ”Haa” so if you would like to say 1; you pronounce it as ”Wahaad”. Easy right?

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