BEST Luxury desert camp in Merzouga

BEST Luxury desert camp in Merzouga

”So many emotions which will last in my heart forever”, says Ernesto Freire.

Merzouga desert

Morocco has so many beautiful places to visit, but not only the places make the country. The people living there are an essential part of the experience. Ernesto has been pleasantly surprised during his trip with Soul Adventure Morocco and to put it lightly he has encountered many different emotions which took him by surprise.

Traveling leaves you speechless

Traveling leaves you speechless and then you become a storyteller; this is what happened to me with my trip to Morocco. In the years that I have been sharing my travel stories, I have never told a trip the way I am going to do it now. I couldn’t do it any other way, so in a few photos that would otherwise disappear into my archives, I want to tell the story too.

The first day  we drove into the desert and stopped at a waterpit. The waterpit was literally somewhere in the middle with very clear and fresh water, which is a source for the nomads. They sometimes even walk miles to get to such a pitstop. Very cool!

Afterwards, we visited a school and before going on the trip we were informed that we could bring a long some donations which we could give away such as school supplies for the school. So we did, some donated books, other notebooks and collectively we gave the teacher a small donation which she could use for herself.

These moments change the way you view things

Our tour guide Hassan could see how emotional I was getting just from the people’s faces who were so great full by just receiving the smallest of gifts. This made me get out of the car and I needed to capture some moments while on the road.

Then, it was time to visit a nomad family and really see from up-close how they were living. Naima, which is the lady on the picture above made us some delicious Moroccan tea and we shared some quality time playing with the kids who were around.

As you can imagine, I can tell you so much more but I cannot even find the right words or sentences to convey the feeling I have had during this trip. It was very emotional and there were moments I wasn’t even prepared for and these will last in my heart forever. Also in some way these moments change the way you view things in life and also the way you’re living your life.

Thank you @souladventuremorocco for allowing me to have these memories and organizing such a wonderful trip. And for anyone who is wondering which trip this was? It was the Merzouga trip and trust me, you won’t regret it!

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